Beautiful Phuket beaches, if you have the opportunity to visit them all

Beautiful Phuket beaches, Hong Kong to Phuket if you have the opportunity to visit them all Phuket, a colorful tourist city At the same time it has beautiful nature. especially with the beautiful sea And the white sand beach is what makes Phuket known to foreigners. And Phuket has many beautiful beaches for tourists to choose from. It depends on how you like and like. Let’s go and see where there are beautiful Phuket beaches.

I have to say that Phuket has a lot to choose from. But when traveling to Phuket, how can you not go to the beach? Pointing out the target to travel in Phuket like a beautiful beach in Phuket. There are so many that we have to do a checklist together

Patong Beach
“Patong Beach” is the most famous beach of Phuket Island. There is no tourist who doesn’t know Patong Beach for sure. Patong Beach is about 15 kilometers from Phuket town. It is a curved beach shaped like a moon with a length of 9 kilometers.Here there is a white sandy beach suitable for taking a leisurely walk and sunbathing on the beach. And there are also many water sports activities such as windsurfing, parasailing, banana boats, jet skis and others. It is really a paradise for tourists

Karon Beach
One of the most famous beaches in Phuket. There are fine white sand grains. There are also hotels, shops and restaurants that are ready to accommodate tourists for convenience. The highlight here is the peaceful atmosphere. Who likes to sunbathe You should definitely not miss coming to Karon Beach.Guarantee that you will get tanned skin as you wish. because the beach is located in the direction that faces the sun But it will stick to the point that the waves and winds are quite strong at this beach. It is not very popular for playing in the water

Kata Noi Beach Kata Yai Beach
is an adjacent beach fine white sand And surrounded by beautiful nature, “Kata Noi Beach” looks like a small beach, giving a feeling of privacy. It is a favorite of tourists who swim in the sea and the beautiful blue sky for “Kata Yai Beach” is a beach that is equally beautiful.It’s different in that this beach is larger. and blocked by a promontory that protrudes into the sea. serves to separate the two beaches from each other Plus, there are many hotels, shops and restaurants ready to serve tourists

Surin Beach
One of the tourist attractions in Phuket that are worth checking in. Visitors will find a beach that stretches about 1 kilometer long, fine white sand. Colorful umbrellas and sunbeds line the beach. If compared to the amount of foreign tourists Surin Beach is not as crowded with tourists as other beaches in Phuket, so anyone who likes a private atmosphere. I want to rest in peace We recommend you to chill at Surin Beach.

Mai Khao Beach
It is a tourist destination in Phuket that should not be missed! Because here is the beach where you can see planes as close as possible to here. “Mai Khao Beach” is a new popular place for tourists to take selfies with the planes. Located on the northwest coast of Phuket Island. It is about 10 kilometers long, considered the longest beach on Phuket Island. Most of the beach area is in Sirinat National Park.